Name                                             Type of Member                           Date Passed                                 Town

Randall A. Diener                                   R                                                   2014                                      Navarre

John F. Koshinsky                                   R                                                   2014                                      Navarre

Patrick J. Kwiecinski                               PUFL                                            2014                                      Navarre

Vincent S. Liquori                                    R                                                  2014                                      Navarre

Donald Mayhue                                        R                                                 2014                                      Gulf Breeze

Don (Snake) Schoknecht                         PUFL                                          2014                                      Holley

Joe U Seymer                                             R                                                2014                                     Gulf Breeze

Nils Strombom                                           R                                               2014                                      Navarre

Roy Aderholt                                               R                                               2013                                    Navarre

Charles W. Bishop                                       N                                              2013                                    Navarre

Robert (Santa) Dodge                                 R                                              2013                                    Navarre

Wallace(Trike) Parker                                 R                                              2013                                    Navarre

Harold(Perry) Perry                                    PUFL                                        2013                                    Gulf Breeze

Darrell(Stan) D. Stansberry                        R                                             2013                                 Diberville MS

Cyril Alley                                                       R                                             2012                                    Navarre

John V Alliison                                                PT                                          2012                                    Navarre

John (Chester) Charleston                            R                                           2012                                    Navarre

Richard J. Cole                                                 R                                           2012                                    Navarre

Stephen (Top) Cowles                                     R                                           2012                                    Gulf Breeze

Harry C Crouch                                                 R                                           2012                                    Navarre

Lee M. Gardner                                                R                                            2012                                   Milton

Millard Gatwood                                              N                                            2012                                   Navarre

Patrick K. Little                                                 R                                            2012                                  Gulf Breeze

Dale Robertson                                                 N                                           2012                                   Navarre

Emerson A. Soto                                                R                                            2012                                  Navarre

Richard Benson                                                  PUFL                                     2011                                  Navarre

Wendy Gilliss                                                       R                                           2011                                  Navarre

James R. McLendon                                            PT                                         2011                                  Navarre

Melvin Miller                                                        R                                           2011                      Kansas City KS

Edgar L Clark                                                        R                                            2010                                 Navarre

Steve A Sloan                                                                                                      2010                                Navarre

Post 382 is proud to remember and honor our fellow Legionaires who have passed away and transferred to "Post Everlasting".  May they rest in peace and forever be remembered on these pages and their comrades.

According to the American Legion when a Comrade passes, the moment is one of honor.  The memory of his/her life in the service of country has now been enrolled in the great spirit Army, whose footfalls cause no sound, bu t in the memory of mankind, their souls go on marching, sustained by the pride of service in time of war.

Because of them our lives are free;

Because of them our nation lives;

Because of them, our world is Blessed.